Roche QC department is composed of 28 professional technicians and a big team of numerous inspectors. Roche test and inspect every toggle clamp production process. By using advanced testing equipment and strictly following inspection procedures and regulated quality standards, we make sure our final products meet our customers’ standards before delivery. With rich experiences of exporting to USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK etc. For the past 12 years, Roche built up own complete quality control system and clear understanding on quality requests from customers all over the world.

Roche place great emphasis on refined workmanship, delivering superior quality toggle clamps. Through training, supervision and management,we have implemented our quality philosophy from the conceptual design at our Design Workshop to production at our factory and to the final toggle clamp delivery.

Roche toggle clamps Quality Objective:

Roche in-house QC personnel are well trained to perform stringent inspections on our production process.

For toggle clamp inspection, we have adopted 8 steps

Quality Assurance System. Modules as follow:

1.Raw material goods inspection – 100%

2.Drilling inspection – in line random

3.Die-casting inspection – 100%

4.Polishing inspection – in line 100%

5.Rack plating inspection – 100%

6.Hole distance inspection – 100%

7.Assembly management system– 100%

8.Final audit on finishing & packing – 100%